Citrus Beauty Pageant

"I believe that my fruit should be crowned 1st place in the Citrus Beauty Pageant because it's the complete package! It's beautifully round and orange with a shockingly crimson inside! My fruit is sweeter than all its cousins, and if you juice it and serve it to your friends it will make any party a hit! If you cut it up and put it in a salad, you will be delighted as the juices dress your leaves. Finally, just like all its cousins, it has enough vitamins and minerals inside its peal to keep you strong and healthy! Vote for the Blood Orange, for 1st place in the Citrus Beauty Pageant!!"


This month in cooking class, our third graders are competing in a Citrus Beauty Pageant. The students work together in teams, trying to sell their story. Writing a persuasive article, they explain why their kumquat, grapefruit, lemon or blood orange is the most beautiful, tasty and healthy treat.

Citrus Pageant

Once the winning team is crowned, they squeeze all the juice from their fruit and have a toast to how much they love this winter treat!

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Citrus Beauty Pageant http://bit.ly/1FrSb9e via @gardenschoolla
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